Is It A Fairy Tale That Buying Small Quantity Also Can Get A Great Price?

Posted on: August 12, 2011

Is it a fairy tale that people can order small quantity with a great price?
If it is, it seems that it is impossible to make this fairy tale into a reality.
Believe it or not, Richforth can make it!
With the rich experience of exporting business, Richforth who wants to make the export-import business more and more easier, recently launched a new website: http://www.jointchase.com to fulfill small and medium clients’ needs.

In order to reach this goal, Jointchase will post one product each week and roll up small quantities from different clients to meet or exceed the minimum order quantity so that winning the best price.

No matter you’re an owner of 2-dollar-shop, a member of E-bay, or an operator of gift-mail company,
you also need to import products from China. We will take advantage of our powerful sourcing capacity and great productivity to offer our clients the good products with the most competitive prices.

So, it is a reality that buying something in small quantity is with a competitive price!
Can’t believe it, just browse Jointchase
Seeing is believing!


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