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Product: Promotional Baseball
Material: PVC coating external, cork inside.
Size: 22.8cm/9in(Circumference)
Color: white with red stitches.
·The quality is good enough for promotion purpose.
·It is a good gift for your friends and every baseball fan.
·You can ask your friends to join together to order these baseballs.
·Once the quantity is up to 10 pcs, each baseball only costs USD 4.11!
·Minimum order quantity: order from only 10 pieces.

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Product:Pink Velvet Jewelry Storage Box.
Material: Velvet.
Size: 27*19*7cm.
Weight: 810g.
This elegant Jewelry Storage Box can organize your jewels in a fashionable manner.
Beautiful unique style square elegant Jewelry Storage Box with one mirror.
The elegant large Jewelry Storage Box is used to store and keep your precious jewelry.
This Jewelry Storage Box with high quality material construction ensures durable and lasting long time.
Delicate and chic design will arouse many IT girls’ interests.
Get this fabulous Jewelry Box only on US$ 19.99!!!!!
Pink Velvet Jewelry Storage Box
Pink Velvet Jewelry Storage Box
Pink Velvet Jewelry Storage Box
Pink Velvet Jewelry Storage Box
Pink Velvet Jewelry Storage Box
Pink Velvet Jewelry Storage Box

Is it a fairy tale that people can order small quantity with a great price?
If it is, it seems that it is impossible to make this fairy tale into a reality.
Believe it or not, Richforth can make it!
With the rich experience of exporting business, Richforth who wants to make the export-import business more and more easier, recently launched a new website: http://www.jointchase.com to fulfill small and medium clients’ needs.

In order to reach this goal, Jointchase will post one product each week and roll up small quantities from different clients to meet or exceed the minimum order quantity so that winning the best price.

No matter you’re an owner of 2-dollar-shop, a member of E-bay, or an operator of gift-mail company,
you also need to import products from China. We will take advantage of our powerful sourcing capacity and great productivity to offer our clients the good products with the most competitive prices.

So, it is a reality that buying something in small quantity is with a competitive price!
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Seeing is believing!

Are you considering changing the decor style of your living room?
Apart from some simple renovation of the wall and window, the changing of furniture and old furnitures being different seated could also bring you a totally new room. But, never forget some small decoration,such as lamps. Richforth thinks that the right lamps for a room is the pearl earrings for the beauty.

A livng room lamp must fill two distinct purposes. It must function as an agent of illumination while complimenting you home decor. How to choose a table lamp or a lamp that works well in a home’s living room decor and still reflects your personal styles. Adding decor to such rooms should be thought through with the greatest of care, so the end product is one that a room is comfortable.

When decorating a large space like a great room, be sure to use larger scale table lamps on larger end tables to give balance to the room. The opposite is true for small living rooms, condo’s, and older homes. A taller torchiere lamp placed in a corner of a small living room will add visual height to the room. These lamps come in a variety of colors and often placed next to reading area, and can be used as task lighting or diffused lighting than give off a glow throughout the whole  living room. A tall floor lamp illuminates a features element of the room for an example:  Wall art, artwork, or family pictures.

Apart from the size matching of the lamp and the room, placement is another key factor.
Small homes tend to have a room that double in their purposes. A living room might have to also incorporate a work area in a secretary or armoire for paying bill.Table lamps place on an end table next to a chair can give off enough additional light to help with the task lighting while the owner is working. Ideally, the work area would have its own source of lighting coming from a small desk lamp or small table lamp, but that is not always possible. While the traditional incandescent lamp bulbs are popular and being inexpensive, halogen bulbs tend to be most in line with natural light and provide a much better light source.These type of bulbs should be considered in your lamps for a more pleasing eco-friendly environment.

Another great benefits of using halogen light bulbs is that they are energy-efficient by using small amount of low wattage and lasting much longer than the traditional incandescent light bulbs. Today’s high quality fluorescent light bulbs are still expensive to purchase up front, but should provide more longevity and less expensive over time.

Classic living room decor is a great place to install a traditional torchiere lamp made of wood or bronze body with a beautiful tiffany shade to go with the large wooden end table, silk draperies, and fine wall art. A modern living room decor would use a contemporary sleek torchiere lamp designed with a sleek steel finish and complimentary wall sconces, table lamps, and ceiling light fixture, that all together will give style and ambient lighting to your living room. The use of a chandelier or ceiling lamp should only be used when the floor to ceiling measurement is over 8′ in height.  Desk lamps are manufactured in a variety of styles and colors and should be chosen in its appropriate size to fit on a desk or side table. 

A freestanding traditional floor lamp or contemporary floor lamp can look stylish and be very functional in a living room decor. Consider the use of a torchiere lamp next to reading areas where there is not enough floor space for an end table and table lamp combo, to give adiquant lighting.

Hope these tips are useful for you when choosing a lamp in home decor.
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With the development of internet and the more and more mature e-commerce, hundreds of online shopping websites emerge quickly. Richforth supposes that lots of consumers must be confused that they don’t know which shopping website is more suitable and the price on it is the most competitive.
Actually, each website has its own advantage about one product.
For example, http://www.lightinthebox.com is a good website with comprehensive products. It sell lots of items from led tubes to wedding dresses.
However, believe it or not, the most hot seller on lightinthebox is wedding dresses.
Take the table lamp below as an example.
http://www.lightinthebox.com and wholesale.richforth.com sell the same table lamp but sell with different prices.

http://www.lightinthebox.com sells it on US$129.99. However, wholesale.richforth.com sells the same table lamp on US$105.99 with free shipping.
It is shown from the above instance that the competition between different online websites are more and more intense but each website must has its own advantage edge about one product.
So, buy dress, go to lightinthebox; buy table lamp, choose wholesale.richforth.com.

Believe it or not, table lamps are not only as a sourcing of lighting, but also an important role in home decoration.
The following are ten table lamps Richforth recommends which are equally stylish with contemporary or traditional furnishings.
No.1: Crystal Ball Table Lamp in European Style

This lamp has a chroming base with three crystal balls.
This lamp shade is made of the high-grade textile cloth.

No.2: Beautiful Table Lamp with Ceramic Metal Base

Richforth thinks that this table lamp is both good in design and material.
The lamp body is made of ceramic.
The lamp base is made of metal. 

No.3: Elegant Table Lamp with Fabric and Lace Decoration

The lamp base is made of resin with good design.
The lamp shade is made of fabric and lace.
Equally stylish with contemporary or traditional furnishings.

No.4: Elegant Color Glaze Table Lamp

This table lamp can bring warmth into your house.
Nice design with good-quality ceramic metal base.

No.5: Ivory Table Lamp with Simply more Stylish Design
This table lamp is designed with a simple but fashionable style.
The table lamp is ivory color, beautiful and in good quality.
Black roses on the shade bring some mystery for itself.
Suitable for your dinning table and dresser as well.

No.6: Retro Rose Table Lamp with Pink Iron Framework
This table lamp has a very talented and romantic design.
Equally stylish with contemporary or traditional furnishings.
Good quality along with fabulous design.

No.7: Blooming Roses Table Lamp
This table lamp shade is full of many roses, very talented design.
The table lamp base is made of resin.
Definately a good item for the girl’s gift.

No.8: Table Lamp with Resin Cobble Stone Base in Black and White

This lamp is made in a very special shape.
The base is made of resin cobble stones in white and black.
An excellent choice for home decoration or a gift.

No.9: Lily Shape Table Lamp with Iron Artwork
This table lamp has special and delicate design.
iron lamp body with polished glass shade.
Equally stylish with contemporary or traditional furnishings.
This beautiful table lamp is the perfect size for desks and dressers.

No.10: European Style Table Lamp with Sturdy Base
It is very easy to assemble this table lamp.
It is in Good design with amazing quality.
There is no doubt that it is a good choice for home decor.

Richforth sincerely recommends the above table lamps for everyone who wants to buy a good table lamp for his lovely house.
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Nowadays, table lamps are not only as a lighting source, they also play an important role in home decoration.
Richforth thinks that a table lamp can bring beauty into your house if you pick up a right one.
There is a wide range of various table lamps in the market, how to choose a good one to suit your taste?
The following is something that you need to take into consideration.
1)Size & illumination
Choosing a table lamp with the suitable size for your room. If it serves only a lighting source on the reading table in your study, a small or medium one is either Ok.
What’s more, no matter which one you choose, it must provide the sufficient illumination for the readers.
If it serves on the dinning table, Richforth supposes that a medium is cool but the don’t require too much on the illumination on the dinning table. Dim light is an ideal in such a circumstance.
Lamp shades like the clothes for the lamps. Different shades really make the table lamps unique and amazing!

If you plan to only illuminate your bedroom, choose a light-colored shade, otherwise, pick up a dark-colored shade.

By the way, the shade will be heated when the table lamp is on. So don’t touch it in case of burning.
3) Bulbs
Richforth only has one thing to reiterate that according the the relative wattage to choose the bulb. If you don’t know how to choose, ask the sales person to help you.
What’s more, if you buy a table lamp from online website like wholesale.richforth.com, please open your eyes to see that whether the table lamp includes the bulb or not!
Lastly, don’t jump to buy a table lamp before you consider the above points and wish you could buy your favourite table lamp successfully!
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