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Are you excited because the summer is around the corner?

Bikini will be an indispensable for your summer holiday!

However, a bling beach bag also plays an important role.

Have you ever heard of “kitson”?

At least Paris Hilton has.


I collect two beach bags that obviously can make you outstanding!


This type of simple-designed bag is large and you can put everything: sunlight lotion, beach towels, sunglasses and magazines etc. in it.

The other one is the same in the color but different in the shape!


Also, it is big enough for your summer equipments!

No matter which one you prefer, either of them no doubt can bling your summer bling bling bling!

Tell you a secret: it is only $ 29.99



What is the most popular bag that attracts the most spotlight? There is no doubt that it is Celine luggage bag!

Lots of celebrities, models and it girls have it!

Of course, no matter which Celine bags, they all look gorgeous!

However, personally, I like this green Celine luggage bag most.

I know it must be very expensive.

But the power of internet is very strong and I found it only $ 49.99 with FREE SHIPPING on here: http://wholesale.richforth.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=28_24&products_id=1006

Please check the details of the pictures, though the price is much lower, the quality is OK!

Thanks to the popularity of internet, it makes us buy chic items easily and fast with reasonable price.

Maybe lots of people know that China is the largest factory in the world and the cost is the lowest if people buy product here.

The chic and luxury items don’t belong to the rich any more:)

Don’t hesitate! Just get one and light up your Summer!